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Backwoods Chubby
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Backwoods Party
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Jr Cradle
Jr Cradle
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Jr Fire Box Divider
This heavy duty cast iron piece fits perfectly in the center of your Primo Oval Junior Grill.
Jr Heat Deflector
Whether you're slow-roasting a turkey, baking chocolate chip cookies or smoking salmon, the Primo Ceramic Heat Deflector Plates will truly enrich your indirect cooking experience on a Primo grill and smoker.
Jr Roaster Drip Pan
Roaster Drip Pan Rack Fits Junior Oval, these racks allow you to place aluminum pans to catch all that flavored juice from your favorite meat.
Kamado Heat Deflector
The Primo Heat Reflector for Round Kamado smokers is an all-in-one kit.
Large Firebox Divider
The Primo Oval Large Cast Iron Firebox Divider splits your Primo's firebox into 2 zones, giving you the ability to cook directly on one side of your grill and indirectly on the other, or just use half the grill!
Large Heat Deflector
Primo Ceramic Heat Deflector Plates For Oval Large: Maximize the versatility and unique shape of your Primo Oval Large Grill using the ceramic heat reflector plates. The set of D-shaped plates sit side by side on the Primo drip pan racks (sold separately) to transform your entire Primo Grill into an oven or a low temperature smoker. These plates will enhance the indirect heating ability of your ceramic grill for the best slow roasted chicken, smoked fish, or baked chocolate chip cookies.
Large Roaster Drip Pan
Primo Roaster Drip Pan Racks For Oval Large: Maximize the versatility of your Primo Oval Large Grill using the roaster drip pan rack. This rack allows you to place aluminum pans in your grill to catch flavored juices from your favorite meats as it cooks, as well as keep them from falling directly onto the hot coals helping prevent flare ups. Use with the optional ceramic heat reflector plates for a nice, even, low and slow barbecue. The drip pan racks make clean up from grilling an ease.
Primo Ash Tool
Simplify grilling and cleanup with the addition of the ash tool to your Primo grill. The Primo Ash Tool serves two great purposes. Use the tool to rake and remove charcoal ash from the bottom of the grill through the venting door. Simply open the bottom door and rake used ash out of the bottom of the chamber without the need to remove or disassemble any part of the grill to clean it. The tool can also be used to stir lump charcoal for lighting the charcoal or adjusting temperature. In oval models, this tool can help to move charcoal between chambers.
Primo Felt Oval XL
The Primo Replacement Felt Gasket for Oval 3000 and 4000 Kamado Grillsis a factory fit replacement felt gasket for your Primo Oval 3000 or 4000 (Large or Extra Large) kamado grill. If your felt has become worn over time, simply replace it with this new felt gasket and your Primo Grill will be like new!
Primo Grill Lifter
This simple tool allows you to easily and safely lift your smoker's cooking grate when it's hot.
Primo Jack Daniels XL
Primo Jack Daniels Edition Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill - Oval XL
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Primo Kamado All-in -One
The Primo Kamado charcoal smoker grill is the ultimate outdoor ceramic cooker, featuring 280 square inches of standard cooking surface.
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